Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)

The SLS process uses a bed of powdered material which is fused a layer at a time by a high power, CO2 laser. The laser ‘draws’ a single layer cross-section of the required part on the surface of the powder bed, accurately creating the part layer and joining it to the layer below.

When each layer has been completed the powder bed lowers and the process is repeated, one layer at a time until the required object is complete. During construction, an object being built by SLS is supported by the surrounding powder – it is possible therefore to build very complex geometries without any need for interfering support structure. In this way the SLS process allows previously impossible shapes to be built.

We have hand picked class leading materials including the very best Carbon Fibre reinforced material. More details can be found here:

PerFORM (Ceramic-like) SLA

The SLA process uses a vat of UV-curable liquid resin which is cured by a laser to build parts one thin layer at a time. The laser ‘draws’ a single layer cross-section of the part on the top surface of the liquid resin, curing and solidifying it whilst joining it to the layer below.

Once a layer has been drawn and cured, the SLA machine’s platform is lowered by an amount equal to the depth of one layer. This then allows the re-coater blade to sweep across the vat, spreading another layer of fresh resin, ready for the laser to draw on. In this way a whole three-dimensional part is built up. Once completed, the build is drained, washed in a chemical bath to remove the excess resin, and then finished to the customer’s specifications.

PA12 (MJF)

The minimal post-production needed for MJF often leads to short lead times, perfect for short batch runs of prototypes and end parts. By controlling where heat is applied to the powder bed, using inkjets with inhibitor and conductor inks, recycling rates of powder can be up to 85% recoverable.


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