It was a delightful day in sunny Norwich when Graphite AM visited REHOOK. In just 6 short weeks, Wayne Taylor inventor and entrepreneur was able to take his design of the REHOOK tool to market launching the product to great acclaim at the Cycling Show at the NEC in September 2016.

Additive Manufacturing (AM) or 3D Printing played a key role in helping Wayne Taylor’s rapid route to market. As Wayne explains ‘I tested the 3D Printing market thoroughly sending off my initial designs to several print bureaus and Graphite AM’s materials were by far the best’. AM allowed Wayne’s initial design to evolve with every prototype built. ‘The problem wasn’t the material it was in the design’.

We met Wayne at one of the large cycling shops in Norwich whose owner was keen to stock the branded REHOOK product and was keen to see a local entrepreneur succeed. ‘Nobody likes getting their hands dirty when putting a chain back on, fair play for solving a problem’.

The REHOOK tool weighs only 18 grams and has been beautifully designed to solve a problem we have all experienced which is greasy, oily hands after reapplying a chain that has come off a bike.

With the help of the on-line automated ordering system on and the technical advice available at Wayne was able to use the right process and material to bring REHOOK to life. Prototypes led to small 3D printed production runs and soon the demand for REHOOK had warranted investment in a plastic mould.

For more details about how to buy the unique REHOOK tool please visit – Wayne has other ideas that he’s working on and we look forward to working with him on his next unique and inspiring invention.