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Useful Ordering Information

Important note: before submitting your order please make sure to check minimum feature tolerance for material of your choice to make sure your model can be printed

  • Graphite SLS

    Minimum features: 0.8mm

    Smallest hole: 1.5mm

    Minimum clearance: 0.1mm

  • Carbon SLS

    Minimum features: 0.8mm

    Smallest hole: 1.5mm

    Minimum clearance: 0.1mm

  • PA12 MJF

    Minimum features: 0.7mm

    Smallest hole: 1.0mm

    Minimum clearance: 0.1mm

  • Watershed Clear ABS-like SLA

    Minimum features: 0.6mm

    Smallest hole: 1.0mm

    Minimum clearance: 0.1mm

“Excellent customer service, high quality parts at a low price.”

I needed a few test prints to check the material properties (PA12) were right for my parts and Alexei gave me a detailed description of everything i needed to know before i ordered. They arrived within the time frame selected and are flawless. I look forward to ordering more in the near future.


“Neat and tidy work”

Really neat and tidy work again here – great value for money too – also, the help in getting dimensions correct and checking everything is joined up and will build OK was much appreciated. Strongly recommended.


“Strongly recommended”

I have just received my first printed parts and I’m very happy with the outcome. I haven’t used this printing technology before but the Graphite SLS material has a very pleasing surface finish that has a random looking micro texture. Colour, weight, corners and edges, dimensions and squareness are all more than acceptable. And delivery was within the promised time frame.



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