Graphite G4 (SLS)

A cost-effective reinforced PA12 material with an excellent black surface finish and mechanical properties. Lighter than comparable glass-filled nylon materials.

  • Temperature resistance °C: 176

  • Density g/cm3: 1.10

  • Impact strength (notched) J/m: 37

  • Tensile strength MPa: 58

  • Tensile modulus MPa: 4,240


Carbon C6 (SLS)

A specialised carbon-fibre filled PA12, ideal for functional components that need to be light and strong. It has the highest strength-to-weight and stiffness-to-weight ratios of any 3D printed SLS plastic.

  • Temperature resistance °C: 176

  • Density g/cm3: 1.09

  • Impact strength (notched) J/m: 53

  • Tensile strength MPa: 76

  • Tensile modulus MPa: 7,100


PA12 (MJF)

A robust thermoplastic that produces high-density parts with balanced property profiles and strong structures.

  • Temperature resistance °C: 175

  • Density g/cm3: 1.01

  • Impact strength (notched) J/m: 35

  • Tensile strength MPa: 48

  • Tensile modulus MPa: 1,800


Watershed Clear ABS-like (SLA)

A general-purpose epoxy plastic with excellent water-resistance and optical clarity.

  • Temperature resistance °C: 50

  • Density g/cm3: 1.12

  • Impact strength (notched) J/m: 25

  • Tensile strength MPa: 50

  • Tensile modulus MPa: 2,650


DMX White ABS-like (SLA)

Produces parts that are much more resistant to breakage than parts made with standard epoxy SLA resins. It is ideal for use in functional test prototypes.

  • Temperature resistance °C: 44

  • Density g/cm3: 1.17

  • Impact strength (notched) J/m: 66

  • Tensile strength MPa: 30

  • Tensile modulus MPa: 2,260


PerFORM (Ceramic-like) SLA

High accuracy, low shrinkage, stable and temperature resistant epoxy. This material can also give an exceptionally smooth surface finish when sanded.

  • Temperature resistance °C: 132

  • Density g/cm3: 1.61

  • Impact strength (notched) J/m: 17

  • Tensile strength MPa: 70

  • Tensile modulus MPa: 10,500



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