On his 58th birthday, entrepreneur and inventor Andy Lewis gave himself a birthday present he patented his beautifully designed Spinner. In just two months, with the help of 3D Printing and 3DPrintDirect.com, Andy has taken his design on paper, fine-tuned and developed a spinner that could re-invent the market. As we are talking another alarm goes off in Andy’s office, with the launch of his spinner now days away, it was all go on the morning we met
In a matter of months, Spinners are everywhere. Every parent and school in the country now knows what a spinner is and many schools have started to ban their use. In the right hands a spinner has been proven to help concentration and improve learning, most just like something that spins effortlessly and looks cool.

www.3DPrintDirect.com has worked with several inventors helping to produce prototypes and working models. As Andy explains ‘the design evolves with every part built’. Additive Manufacturing or 3D Print allows inventors and product developers to produce prototypes quickly and cost effectively. Designs can then be tweaked and fine-tuned and evolve with every build. Andy who is an electronics engineer by trade has long understood the benefits of 3D Printing, ‘Additive Manufacturing offers fewer design limitations, designers are no longer constrained by the manufacturing process’.

Andy’s invention is a spinner shaped like a cube that fits neatly in to a clasp on a key ring. Andy aims to enter the market with several different price points and offer his spinner in several different materials. These will include a 3D Printed black nylon SLS cube, an aluminium cube, a titanium cube and a carbon fibre cube. Final retail prices are still be worked out but with the launch via Kick-Starter on the 25th May 2017, it’s an exciting time to be meeting Andy. The first round of funding via the Kick-Starter crowd funding platform has raised over £27,000.

‘Spin time is like a badge of honour in the world of spinners,’ Andy explains with some spinners spinning unaided for up to 10 minutes. Andy’s spinning cube continues to spin effortlessly on the desk in front of us. As one spinner stops Andy is compelled to give it another spin and so was I. To find out more about Andy and his invention please visit his twitter page @pot8tosh3d. Be sure to check out Andy’s campaign.

If you have an invention that you want to bring to life, get in touch to see how AM/3D Printing can help realise your vision. www.3dprintdirect.com . To find out more about Andy’s new spinner and the next round of funding on Kick-Starter please visit https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/t8o/the-most-portable-fidget-spinner-spincube/comments