Are my files treated as confidential?

Yes, this is extremely important to us. We understand that the majority of parts we see are a new product design or prototype. Confidentiality for our customers is critical. We have industry standard security on site, and we will not release images or any data without customer approval.

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Can I get any additional discount?

The prices on 3D Print Direct are already heavily discounted and close to cost price. The only way we can keep part price so low is to be able to 100% pack our machines with parts and having a semi automated ordering process. By having longer lead times we can more efficiently pack many orders [...]

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Can I combine parts together to reduce cost?

Yes you can with this service, but in some cases it can increase the cost. We may choose to build and ship the parts contained in a sinterbox (cage). This may restrict our ability to clean powder from the parts compared with cleaning components individually. For merged parts, leave at least a 1mm gap [...]

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Will you hollow my part?

This is only necessary for MJF Pa12 as the material produces defects at thicknesses above 10mm. Therefore, we will hollow MJF Pa12 that are thicker than 10mm to a wall thickness of 3mm. We will also add a honeycomb lattice structure inside the void to retain the strength of a solid part. Unsintered powder will [...]

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