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Our 3D Printing Service

3D Printing Services UK

Direct from professional machines and a highly experienced team, to your door. Why not get a free 3D Printing quote now.

It’s simple;

1. Upload your 3D STL file
2. Choose your material and process
3. Get an instant online quote
4. Place order

Parts will be added to the next available build, and then shipped from our UK printing facility direct to your door. We offer a cheap, fast service.

3D Print Skull

We Just Build Parts

3D Parts

We do not sell materials, machines or offer any other service. We just build parts. That means as a company we are focused on doing this really well.


35 Years Of Combined Experience

As a team, we have over 35 years combined experience with 3-Dimensional Printing.


3D Printing To Your Door

We pride ourselves on the quality of our carefully selected materials and beautifully engineered parts. We have worked hard to select the finest materials and employ the best industry practises. Sit back upload your files and let us bring your ideas and creations to life. Where to 3D Print is a question many clients ask themselves, with our market leading technology, our know how and our can do spirit look no further than 3D Print Direct.


Amazing Looking Materials

We take pride in every 3D Printed part we produce. Our high end industrial 3D printing machines (used by Formula One teams) produce class leading surface finish and strength. With our 3d printing service, you can produce unique items that you have designed or downloaded. Our 3D Printing service is a cost-effective way to produce short runs of functional parts, prototypes or just about anything. Whether it is

SLS, SLA or FDM, 3Dprintdirect have selected a range of the finest materials to suit your needs. We are currently running: Clear ABS like, Ceramic like (epoxy resin – White), Graphite SLS (Dark grey), Carbon SLS (Dark Grey), Grey ABS like.

3D Printed Black Ball

Class Leading Properties

Our Graphite and Carbon fibre reinforced nylon SLS (Selective Laser Sintering) materials have a dark grey/black colour. SLS is an industrial form of 3D Printing that uses a high power CO2 laser to fuse powder together. The result is parts with a temperature resistance up to 170°C, excellent accuracy and class leading mechanical properties.

Whether it is SLS,  SLA or FDM, 3D Print Direct have selected a range of the finest materials to suit your needs.

We are a 3D-Printing service bureau just 1 hour from London, UK.

3D Print Direct is a service provided by Graphite Additive Manufacturing.



High quality parts, superbly finished. Totally dependable on all counts.

Wind Tunnel Programme Co-ordinator, F1 Team
Exactly like I wanted them to be. Great effort and delivery on a challenging part. Thank you!
Gareth Neal, Research & Development Engineer
The last part we had … was absolutely brilliant and the best 3D print I have seen, so thanks for that!”
Greg Harper, Artisan Model Makers
I have had some feedback from the guys in the model shop, they are very impressed with the quality of the parts!! Thanks.
Aerodynamic Engineer, F1 Team
Great job – received this morning. Good turn round, good finish – very impressed. Thanks very much.
Director, Design and prototyping consultancy
Thank you so much for the work you and your team put in for these samples, they are great. Truly impressed.
Sarah Messenger, HMA Aylesbury
Firstly I just wanted to say that we have been extremely pleased with the consistent quality of the parts that have come through to us… it is a credit to your team and the people working on the parts, right through from sales to production.
Technical Buyer, Automotive engineering specialists

Low Prices

We supply many companies and individuals in the UK from a variety of different industries. Despite having state of the art equipment and materials which have a high associated cost, we are able to keep prices low by automated systems and efficiency through regular repeat orders from our clients. If you have any questions, please see our FAQ’s.


Service Comparison

Make sure your project receives the right level of support, compare 3DPrintDirect with Graphite AM’s premium service below in the service comparison chart. If you require a quicker turnaround please visit www.graphite-am.co.uk

Service 3D Printing Services Direct Graphite Additive Manufacturing
Instant online ordering service
Parts built with class leading materials
Built on calibrated machines
Design and material verified suitable for application
File manually checked for buildability
Orientated by hand for best accuracy & strength
Additional finishing options
Guaranteed shipping date


Find out more about our SLA, SLS and SLM materials, processes and expertise.

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Beautifully engineered parts in market leading materials. Click here to view our parts.

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